Why A Rhino?!

We as individuals are determined to do the best we can at all times, and we are not satisfied with doing “just enough to get by” or doing “an OK job”.  This motivation has been adapted and molded over the years, but the original inspiration was the rhinoceros!

Did you know that a rhinoceros, on average, weighs six thousand pounds?  That’s three tons!  Not only that, but their skin is two inches thick, they can run 30 miles per hour, and they have a large pointy horn!  When they charge at something, they usually will not stop until either they’ve caught what they’re charging for or can no longer move from exhaustion.  What an inspiration!

This is why we try to model ourselves and our work after the rhinoceros (who is also an endangered species, by the way, much like people with their characteristics!).  We do our best to make sure we accomplish what we set out to do as fast as we can and the best that we can!


  1. Hi Daniel,
    I was wandering why the last comments her are from the year 2013? Can you give me a explanation? Thanks,
    Luc (Belgium)

      1. Hi Daniel,

        I have nothing to loose when I subsribe here at IPN. I do always receive a pop-up to advise to start with AWN instead of,,,What is this all about? Thank you to inform me,
        regards from Belgium,Luc

        1. Hi Lucas!
          For some reason, I didn’t get a notification email that you’d commented, I’m REALLY sorry about that! But AWN is a program that’s kind of similar to IPDN… and while IPDN was a great program, I’m having so much more success with AWN that I wouldn’t feel right continuing to direct people to IPDN still. This is for two reasons: First, it gives me more time freedom, because I don’t have to hold people’s hands to get them set up and qualified on AWN, the system walks your prospects through everything from start to finish, and the training is designed to take people from newbie to power marketer with no intervention from you at all… IF they’re willing to do the training. If they’re not, then I don’t waste my time with them, because I want time freedom. The second is kind of rolled up with the first, in that they provide all the training for FREE that a complete beginner can understand if they’re willing to actually go through the training… so it lets new people start earning in no time. That gives me time to concentrate on helping my team advance rather than spending all my time trying to help get new people signed up and take care of all the little technicalities and pitfalls that happen with new people who aren’t familiar with how any of it works. Does that make sense? If not, let me know! And I’ll be checking in more often on the comments, at least until I know that there’s nothing wrong with my email notifications. :o)

  2. Hi Daniel,

    Thanks for giving me your reply (somewhat later, no problem). It was in my mind you had not yet replied at my message, and here you are. Thanks again.
    I will keep contact you about AWN, I will let you know.
    Sincere greetings,

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