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Residual Bonuses In Instant Payday Network

Instant Payday Network now also includes residual bonus payments from Steps 1 & 2!

Recently, the company we use to make our commissions in Instant Payday Network has made some changes in their bonus structure.  Previously, they provided a bonus on each step if we simply had our accounts linked.  While that was nice, it was a fixed bonus.  However, now they’ve restructured their bonuses with an awesome twist for Instant Payday Network:

In Instant Payday Network, you now earn 15% on everything your direct qualified referrals make, and 10% of everthing THEIR direct qualified referrals make!

Now at first, that may not seem like a lot…but let’s work the numbers here.  Previously, if you had ten referrals with Instant Payday Network, you would have made a $5 bonus on Step 1, and a $3 bonus on Step 2, as long as your accounts on each step were linked, or “extended”.  So let’s say for example’s sake that you have 10 direct qualified referrals with Instant Payday Network.  This is what your commissions would have looked like:

$20 (Step 1) + $30 (Step 2) + $5 (Step 1 “linked” bonus) + $3 (Step 2 “linked” bonus = $58 x 10 (direct qualified referrals) = $580

Now, let’s look at what they’ve done now by moving those bonuses to your Instant Payday Network referrals and also to your referral’s referrals.

$20 (Step 1) + $30 (Step 2) = $50 x 10 = $500

Doesn’t seem like much at first, right?  BUT since you earn bonus residuals from two levels below you in Instant Payday Network, let’s just say again for example’s sake that each of your Instant Payday Network referrals also has 10, and each of THEM have 10 also….so you add the following amounts:

$7.50 (1st level 15% residual bonus)   x 10 = $75

$5 x 100 (each of your 10 referrals has 10 referrals also) = $500

That’s a total of $1,075 just in residual bonuses with Instant Payday Network!!

Now remember, that’s just for each of your ten referrals, and each of THEIR ten referrals…and they will continue to make referrals.  What does that mean?  That means that EVERY TIME your referrals or THEIR referrals cash out usingInstant Payday Network, you get a 15% or 10% matching bonus from everything they make, sent to your PayPal AUTOMATICALLY!!

So if you’ve been holding off on joining Instant Payday Network, or unsure if you want to join (even though it’s free), then NOW is the time to get started!  With Instant Payday Network, you can stop making a living, and start making a LIFE!!

(NOTE: After two years of using Instant Payday Network, I actually switched to something that works even better, especially for people who are new at this!  Clicking this button below will now take you to Automated Wealth Network instead.)

Don’t wait any longer, GET STARTED TODAY!!