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Instant Payday Network Basics How Everything Works And What We Do

This is a short video that describes exactly what it is that we do in Instant Payday Network, and how the free marketing system that comes with Instant Payday Network ties everything together for you and follows up with your people who have opted in.  Instant Payday Network is THE best way to start an online business from home for several reasons:

  • Little to no cost: Most people do it for free, and I’ve never seen anyone pay more than $12.
  • No monthly costs
  • No admin fees
  • No upsells (many promote Empower on the back end, but I don’t.)
  • FREE video tutorial training… and let’s face it, watching something done is much easier than reading how to do it.  Visual aids are always best in my humble opinion.
  • TOTAL support from me and my team, and even others who aren’t in my team (almost 12K people to help you!)

Aren’t you tired of living paycheck to paycheck?  Wouldn’t you like to stop making a living, and start making a LIFE instead?  Here’s how (just click the button!):

(NOTE: After two years of using Instant Payday Network, I actually switched to something that works even better, especially for people who are new at this!  Clicking this button below will now take you to Automated Wealth Network instead.)

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Instant Payday Network – You Are NOT A Tree. MOVE!

I’m simply amazed by some of the attitudes of the people that complain about Instant Payday Network..

You know, it really amazes me how so many people complain about seeing my marketing for Instant Payday Network on my social media accounts.

But…  if you go through their timeline, they’re ALWAYS complaining.  They hate their job.  They hate their manager or boss.  They hate their coworkers.  They hate the commute.  They hate their customers.  They hate answering the phone.  And they hate seeing my posts and ads for Instant Payday Network!

So why are they still complaining about Instant Payday Network?

I have been in Instant Payday Network for about a year now.  I’m making a great income with it, and since I started Instant Payday Network, I’ve since joined some other programs, including some free and some paid ones.  So I’m having a great time working from home.  I LOVE IT!!  It’s actually FUN for me, it’s something I enjoy doing!

I am in control of my own situation in Instant Payday Network!

When I first started Instant Payday Network, I didn’t really know what I was doing, and didn’t do a whole lot of work with it.  Why?  Because of FEAR.  I had doubt in my mind that Instant Payday Network would actually work… then BECAUSE of my doubt, I didn’t really work at it.  It wasn’t until I started actually making money with it that my beliefs changed.

Your beliefs actually change your actions.

Once I started making a couple commissions here and there with Instant Payday Network (and believe me, they were scattered), it PROVED to me that working online at home actually WORKED.  At that point, it changed my belief level from “Instant Payday Network could work” to “Instant Payday Network DOES work”!

What do you think happened in my actions?

Once I got it through my thick skull that Instant Payday Network actually DOES work, it started something PHENOMENAL!  My belief level actually came across in my promoting of Instant Payday Network… my text ads, my banners, my videos, my social media… all showed that I actually BELIEVE in Instant Payday Network and that it could change my life.  You know what happened then?  CONVERSIONS…money rolling into my PayPal account!

Now what kind of results do you think came from those actions?

Because of my newly found belief, and the resulting actions, I started REALLY making money online with Instant Payday Network.  But here is where the magic happens, and it all comes full circle…

My RESULTS in Instant Payday Network boosted my BELIEF that I could make MORE money with Instant Payday Network!

All of a sudden, $300 per day with Instant Payday Network didn’t seem so far-fetched to me…and it came full-circle.  My increased belief level made me want to learn more and take more action… which resulted in more promotion of Instant Payday Network on my part… which resulted in more income… which resulted in more belief.

Do you see where this is going?

Because of those first couple commissions with Instant Payday Network, a CHAIN REACTION started that began to snowball.  Now I’m a work-from-home dad of seven boys and three girls, and LOVE my lifestyle!  I get to stay home with my kids, see them off to school, help them with homework, go camping with them, go fishing with them, go swimming with them… ALL without worrying about where the money for next bill is going to come from!  (And by the way, it’s coming because of Instant Payday Network!  *LOL*)

My point in all this?

If you don’t like where you are… MOVE.  You are NOT a damn tree!

Get started with Instant Payday Network TODAY.  Do it RIGHT NOW.  DON’T let fear and disbelief stop you, because after all, what do you have to lose?  Instant Payday Network doesn’t cost a dime, and you can make a great income from it!  Don’t believe it?  How’s this?

Screenshot from 2014-07-29 21:06:30

(NOTE: After two years of using Instant Payday Network, I actually switched to something that works even better, especially for people who are new at this!  Clicking this button below will now take you to Automated Wealth Network instead.)

STOP making a living, and start making a LIFE!!


Residual Bonuses In Instant Payday Network

Instant Payday Network now also includes residual bonus payments from Steps 1 & 2!

Recently, the company we use to make our commissions in Instant Payday Network has made some changes in their bonus structure.  Previously, they provided a bonus on each step if we simply had our accounts linked.  While that was nice, it was a fixed bonus.  However, now they’ve restructured their bonuses with an awesome twist for Instant Payday Network:

In Instant Payday Network, you now earn 15% on everything your direct qualified referrals make, and 10% of everthing THEIR direct qualified referrals make!

Now at first, that may not seem like a lot…but let’s work the numbers here.  Previously, if you had ten referrals with Instant Payday Network, you would have made a $5 bonus on Step 1, and a $3 bonus on Step 2, as long as your accounts on each step were linked, or “extended”.  So let’s say for example’s sake that you have 10 direct qualified referrals with Instant Payday Network.  This is what your commissions would have looked like:

$20 (Step 1) + $30 (Step 2) + $5 (Step 1 “linked” bonus) + $3 (Step 2 “linked” bonus = $58 x 10 (direct qualified referrals) = $580

Now, let’s look at what they’ve done now by moving those bonuses to your Instant Payday Network referrals and also to your referral’s referrals.

$20 (Step 1) + $30 (Step 2) = $50 x 10 = $500

Doesn’t seem like much at first, right?  BUT since you earn bonus residuals from two levels below you in Instant Payday Network, let’s just say again for example’s sake that each of your Instant Payday Network referrals also has 10, and each of THEM have 10 also….so you add the following amounts:

$7.50 (1st level 15% residual bonus)   x 10 = $75

$5 x 100 (each of your 10 referrals has 10 referrals also) = $500

That’s a total of $1,075 just in residual bonuses with Instant Payday Network!!

Now remember, that’s just for each of your ten referrals, and each of THEIR ten referrals…and they will continue to make referrals.  What does that mean?  That means that EVERY TIME your referrals or THEIR referrals cash out usingInstant Payday Network, you get a 15% or 10% matching bonus from everything they make, sent to your PayPal AUTOMATICALLY!!

So if you’ve been holding off on joining Instant Payday Network, or unsure if you want to join (even though it’s free), then NOW is the time to get started!  With Instant Payday Network, you can stop making a living, and start making a LIFE!!

(NOTE: After two years of using Instant Payday Network, I actually switched to something that works even better, especially for people who are new at this!  Clicking this button below will now take you to Automated Wealth Network instead.)

Don’t wait any longer, GET STARTED TODAY!!

Is Instant Payday Network International?

is-instant-payday-network-internationalInstant Payday Network is now International!

For those of you who have been wanting to use Instant Payday Network, the free system created by Jeff Buchanan, but don’t live in the US, UK, or Canada, I have some GREAT news for you!

Instant Payday Network is now INTERNATIONAL!!  There are just a couple of things different for international users, and here they are!

  • First and foremost, you must be able to use PayPal to receive payments in your country.  You can check to see if PayPal works in your country using this link to PayPal Global’s website to see if your country is listed, making you eligible for Instant Payday Network.
  • As of this writing, residents of the following countries now have offers and can qualify with Instant Payday Network the easy way:  United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Australia, Denmark, France, Germany, New Zealand, Norway, Spain and Sweden.
  • For international users outside of those countries that can qualify using offers, you can also use Instant Payday Network and qualify by referring users from those countries and “trading” your very first commission on steps 1 & 2 for qualifying.  After that, you keep EVERY SINGLE COMMISSION from then on!

If you want to use Instant Payday Network, and you’re an international user, then NOW is the time to get started!  The markets on those countries have just opened up, and the response is going to be HUGE for users of Instant Payday Network!!

So what are you waiting for?  Quit stalling and Get Started with Instant Payday Network Today!

SEO For Blogs And YouTube – Instant Payday Network

So how exactly do you rank blog posts and YouTube videos for Instant Payday Network?

So everybody makes YouTube vidoes for marketing (or should if they don’t!!) Instant Payday Network.  Would you like to learn some basic SEO practices for blogs and YouTube videos?  This video will help you get your YouTube videos and blog posts ranking well for Instant Payday Network!

Need something to rank?  You can make blog posts about Instant Payday Network, a FREE system that lets you earn online!

Might as well put this information to good use and start making money with Instant Payday Network!  😀 So if you’re ready to stop making a living, and start making a life, start here(NOTE: After two years of using Instant Payday Network, I actually switched to something that works even better, especially for people who are new at this!  Clicking this button below will now take you to Automated Wealth Network instead.)

Nothing works better to get you started in Online Marketing than Instant Payday Network!

Instant Payday Network – How long does it take to build an income?

In Instant Payday Network, the time it takes is completely up to you.

It depends on the time and effort your put into it, just like any other business.  Here’s a quick video of my advice:

Hit this button to join my team in Instant Payday Network today!

(NOTE: After two years of using Instant Payday Network, I actually switched to something that works even better, especially for people who are new at this!  Clicking this button below will now take you to Automated Wealth Network instead.)

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Instant Payday Network – Got A Few Minutes?

Hey, there’s lots of times during our day when we get a few minutes to ourselves….so why not use that time to your advantage?

See what I mean in this video:

(NOTE: After two years of using Instant Payday Network, I actually switched to something that works even better, especially for people who are new at this!  Clicking this button below will now take you to Automated Wealth Network instead.)

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Stop being afraid! Instant Payday Network WORKS!

So many times, I get the same excuses about Instant Payday Network, some of which are:

“I just can’t make a video”
“No one would listen to me”
“Everyone else is doing that”
“I’m not smart enough”
“I’m not good looking enough”
“I know someone that failed at this”

The list goes on and on.  All of these types of questions all stem from being afraid.  Being afraid is the single most crucial element in destroying your success each and everyday, whether you are in Instant Payday Network or doing anything in life.  Those that are afraid, will never have the same amount of success as the person who just simply ‘makes it happen’ and ‘does it without thinking’.

Fear is not the proper motivation for Instant Payday Network.

All our reasons for doing anything we do can be attributed to only three emotions.  Here I will briefly describe each emotion and how it relates to doing something.

Fear:  This is the emotion that says, “I HAVE to do this.”  This can be illustrated by something like eating.  I HAVE to eat, or I’ll die.

Duty:  This is the emotion that says, “I SHOULD do this.”  This kind of motivation can be applied to something like going to school or work.  I SHOULD work, or I won’t be able to pay my bills.

Love:  This is the emotion that says, “I WANT to do this.”  This motivation is shown by things such as buying gifts or writing notes to your spouse.  I WANT to do this so she’ll know how I feel.

Most people in Instant Payday Network are still stuck in the FEAR mentality.

Why would anyone treat working at home and being your own boss as something you HAVE to do?  This fear mentality cripples so many people into not taking action.  They FEAR they won’t do it right, they FEAR they’ll alienate themselves.  They FEAR they won’t make any money in Instant Payday Network.

Time to change that mindset!

Now that you’re aware of the emotional motivations for doing things, why not change those motivations?

I work Instant Payday Network because I LOVE it!  I get to work the hours I choose, I get to spend lots of time with my family and friends, and I get to help other people do the same thing!  I LOVE my friends, and I LOVE helping other people get financially free.

Aren’t you tired of living in fear?  Aren’t you tired of not seeing your family?  Aren’t you tired of worrying about bills?  Aren’t you tired of seeing your friends and family struggling?

Then TAKE ACTION!!  Join me in Instant Payday Network today and STOP living in FEAR!

(NOTE: After two years of using Instant Payday Network, I actually switched to something that works even better, especially for people who are new at this! Clicking this button below will now take you to Automated Wealth Network instead.)

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Taking Action Is The Key To Success In Instant Payday Network, Stop Thinking!

Ever wonder why some people are insanely successful while others always seem to struggle? I’ve always noticed this too and this doesn’t just apply to internet marketing, it applies to anything.

Just take action in Instant Payday Network

It’s a fact that the people who are the most successful at anything are the people that take MASSIVE action. I say it for a reason. You’ll never hear a successful network marketer say to his team: “Hey Just Think About It!”

Thinking too much is not only detrimental, it’s downright dangerous to success. While one person is ‘thinking about it’ there is another that is already halfway through completing the steps needed for success!

Why Do People Think So Much Before Making A Decision?

In the areas of marketing a business like Instant Payday Network, people want to ‘think too much’ because they just can’t grasp the concept that they can be successful at building their own business, or just can’t see themselves having a lucrative income online, so they have to complicate the matter about 1000x by thinking how they will do things, when in reality all they have to do is follow the training and guidance. Taking their head out of the equation is a sure route to success.

Some people are just ‘thinkers’. I know I had to change my mindset in a big way when getting into online business. I was always the type that had to think and make things perfect before ever getting into action. This is dangerous for online business. You have to get yourself out there every way possible, as FAST as you can, and don’t ever worry about being perfect, just start taking massive action.

How Can I Start Just Doing It, Instead of Thinking Too Much?

This all starts by just taking action, whether it’s building that first website, talking to that first person about your business, learning the latest marketing strategy, etc. it’s just about taking action and taking action and taking action.

We all hear the countless stories of the internet marketers who read countless stories and e-books but never take action. Don’t be one of these people, take action with the unbridled belief that if you don’t, you’ll absolutely lose everything. That always works!

Are You Ready To Take Action?

(NOTE: After two years of using Instant Payday Network, I actually switched to something that works even better, especially for people who are new at this! Clicking this button below will now take you to Automated Wealth Network instead.)

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Instant Payday Network Review 2013 – Still Going Strong?

Is Instant Payday Network Still Going Strong?

In this Instant Payday Network Review, I wanted to share one of the biggest questions I get about Instant Payday Network. The question is “Is Instant Payday Network Still Going Strong?“

Instant Payday Network review 2013

While the company itself has been going for years and is the most stable, strongest, simple, and profitable businesses on the planet, I still get asked this most often. I guess people just want to hear it from a real person. It’s hard to believe that Instant Payday Network has not changed whatsoever in years. That is awesome!

How many programs do you know or have been involved with that constantly change over and over and is the furthest thing from ‘stable’ you can imagine? Stability is an often unheard term of in a networking business, much less one that is promoted online heavily as much as Instant Payday Network. In 4 years Instant Payday Network has not changed ANYTHING and this is a GREAT thing. Stability is an awesome concept and so is stable money, which I have earned lots of in the short time I’ve been involved in the program.  So glad I chose the right program to get involved with.

So Here Is My 2013 Instant Payday Network Review, To Let You Know What It Is Exactly…

New Instant Payday Network Review 2013

Instant Payday Network is an online home based business opportunity that anyone can join due to not having a membership fee. The business was launched by Jeff Buchanan, who had the intention of creating an opportunity for anyone to get started with a free membership. Compare this to opening a restaurant or any other traditional business where you pay for the building, employees, and basic upkeep of what that business entails. Ten to hundreds of thousands of dollars in fees is the norm and what you would most certainly experience.

Instant Payday Network is a constantly growing, very popular online business opportunity that gives you the ability to earn a long term passive and residual income. When you sign up, you’ll obtain a marketing system and training/support group  with lots of videos with seasoned advice to put your own Instant Payday Network system to use, generating signups on autopilot, 24-7. Through the amazing training, you’ll be able to learn offline and online marketing through member training, as well as access to a constantly expanding library to further assist your business. You also instantly receive a customized website personalized for you, with your name and phone number to promote the instant you join!

My Honest Opinion in this 2013 Instant Payday Network Review…

As far as cost, I have yet to find another opportunity that can beat Instant Payday Network. The training itself is worth thousands of dollars alone. Put simply, it’s a program that is impossible to beat as a starting point for your own Internet Business, as well as another source of income for seasoned marketers who keep hearing this objection:

“I just can’t afford that right now“

This is an incredible opportunity, but like all businesses it does require work in order to be successful.

Let’s look at the advantages and disadvantages of the program so you can make an informed decision based on an honest overall assessment.

Instant Payday Network Review 2013 – Pros & Cons

The Advantages:

1. Perfect for anyone, regardless of experience, who wants to start a home based business with no startup money.

2. Great for seasoned marketers as well who want an easy additional income stream.

3. You receive a personalized website designed and ready to promote the moment you become a member.

4. Pre-recorded video training provided to assist anyone actively working their Instant Payday Network business.

5. Ideal to serve as a great foundation for beginning entrepreneurs who can then later expand to other marketing opportunites.

6. Huge potential for signups, since Instant Payday Network is actively being searched by thousands each and every month.

7. Unlimited earning potential, whether a six figure annual income as well as a residual (recurring) income. The amount you earn is completely up to you as far as what work ethic you put into your promotional efforts.

8. Easy to duplicate the success of highly paid sponsors; your signups can easily repeat methods to ensure the same success.

9. The support group is extremely helpful, responsive, and most importantly available to give assistance in any issue you may be experience with the program.

10. This business has NO admin fees ever.

11. Each signup is pure profit. Absolutely unheard of earning potential with this business.

Now that we’ve discussed the advantages of Instant Payday Network, it’s just as important to look at the disadvantages or drawbacks of the program. The company’s sales video won’t tell you the honest truth but I will, and it’s my sincerest desire to tell you the truth of this business rather than lure you into an uninformed decision. I don’t do business that way and never will.

After all, this is a Review and it’s important to look at both positive and negative aspects.

Here are the drawbacks:

Instant Payday Network review 2013 – Good or Bad?

As with any business, whether offline or online, there is no 100% guarantee you will succeed or get the results you want. I’m not gonna insult your intelligence by telling you if you join Instant Payday Network, “You’ll instantly make millions or thousands of dollars overnight“. If you see a website or a product like that, instantly get away because that is an outright scam. Success in any business is and always will be working the program, plain and simple.

Instant Payday Network Review 2013 – Is this Opportunity Right for You?

So after reading the above, both good and bad with this opportunity, do you feel that Instant Payday Network is right for you?

The honest truth is that this business may not be right for you. If you sign up and instantly think that you will be flooded with signups and income overnight without putting in any work, you have to understand that you will fail. On the other hand, if your motivated and driven for results, and ready to use successful marketing strategies and principles….then this opportunity is an ideal match for you.

Instant Payday Network is great if you share these same characteristics:

– A hard working professional tired of the cubicle and making their boss and company owners richer.

– Stay at home parent who needs additional income and doesn’t want to work a minimum wage job or several minimum wage jobs to better provide for his/her family.

– Individuals who are content with their careers or jobs, but would like to build a business on their own with 100% profits that has the ability to work on autopilot to create additional income streams into the thousands.

– Experienced Marketers who would like to add additional income, as the program is very easy to implement and would be a huge advantage to the seasoned marketer who has objections to higher cost opportunites from prospects.

So why are some people really successful while others end up failing and frustrated? It’s true that not everyone makes a profit in online business, or any business for that matter.

Instant Payday Network review 2013

Here are several very important reasons why members fail with the Instant Payday Network program, or any business venture for that matter:

1. They simply give up before they even give themselves a chance to succeed. This is the #1 reason referral or internet marketers fail.

2. Simply lack of work put into the program. If you don’t promote your business or put it in front of people, no one even has the chance to signup or buy.

3. A sense of entitlement; believing that success without putting in any work to build the business will magically happen.

4. They cease to continually educate themselves in marketing strategies or to learn more about each marketing principle to further promote their business.

The issue with most people joining opportunities like Instant Payday Network is that they don’t want to do the WORK in promoting their business. Even though there are tools that can automate 95% of the work for you, most will not do the 5% they need to do themselves, for a multitude of reasons.

“You can give someone the keys to the kingdom, but they have to open the door.”

If your ready for a Change, then all you gotta do is sign up already, or click the ‘Join Now’ Button Below!

(NOTE: After two years of using Instant Payday Network, I actually switched to something that works even better, especially for people who are new at this!  Clicking this button below will now take you to Automated Wealth Network instead.)

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