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With Instant Payday Network, I have had a WILD ride!!  There’s simply no words to describe how much I love this business…doing what I love, and getting PAID for it…and best of all, it DOESN’T COST ANYTHING!!!

(NOTE: After two years of using Instant Payday Network, I actually switched to something that works even better, especially for people who are new at this!  Clicking this button below will now take you to Automated Wealth Network instead.)

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  1. Hi Dan again, Butch Derksen again. Just listened to some more of your videos – you do a good job!
    Can anyone sign up with your RHINO TEAM even if you have signed up already with IPDN? I need the extra help to actually start reaching people and see some progress. . . . no income, no fun yet. But I am not a quitter and I just want to be shown ‘what to do next after Step 1 & 2.?????
    Thank you for the time you have taken from your busy schedule.

    1. Hi Butch, thanks for the compliment on the videos! You might want to subscribe to my YouTube channel so you’ll be notified when I add new videos. :o) And yes, anyone can join TeamRhino as long as they join under me or one of my team members; if you’re already in IPDN under someone else, then you have the choice of joining me in another business. I don’t do this to be greedy, it’s just that I’m one of the two people in charge of the suport group of about 12,000 people, and with all the children I have, time is very limited for me, and as you know, time is very valuable. :o) And I’m glad you’re not a quitter! You sound like the perfect addition to our team! 😀

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