Is Referral Marketing Hard? Can I Do This?

I get asked alot of questions about Referral Marketing due to my success in the Instant Payday Network Program. Most often the question is, “Is Referral Marketing Hard?” “Hey Daniel, Can I Do This?” “Can I Be Successful At This?”

Referral Marketing is easy with Instant Payday Network

To answer the question it’s important to understand what ‘hard’ actually means as something that is ‘hard’ is ‘easy’ to some and vice versa. For instance to me, working at a job for 40-60 hours a week that you hate, with people who are miserable and want to make you miserable, for a boss that treats you like a number or a company that could care less for your well-being is ‘hard’.

Getting involved in an easy program like Instant Payday Network and just having fun educating and prospecting the opportunity to massive amounts of people online is ‘easy’. Some may consider what I do as ‘hard’ because they just don’t know or want to believe how ‘easy’ it actually is.

Is Referral Marketing With Instant Payday Network Hard? Why Is it Easy For Some and Hard For Others?

Whenever someone tries something new, it’s always going to be ‘hard’ in the beginning, but my experience with anything in life is that the more you are consistent and focused, it really gets incredibly easy. There are several reasons why I think some people make referral marketing ‘easy’:

– Enjoy helping others

– Would rather have a business than a job

– Would rather set their own hours instead of being told what to do

– Would rather create their income and financial future instead of someone else’s at a job

Those are the main qualities I’ve seen from successful referral marketers, no matter what opportunity they promote. This is not always set in stone but I”m sure you see the entrepreneurial qualities I’ve listed here.

So How Can I Be Successful and Make Referral Marketing Easy Instead of Hard?

You just simply have to learn how to do the right things. People are not successful by accident or by luck. Successful referral marketers make things happen instead waiting for things to happen. They are entirely a different breed of people.

Getting started and learning the right things, from the very beginning, is very crucial as well. For instance I have a huge training site where I teach all my Instant Payday Network members exactly what I do step by step on what works. I enjoy helping others and giving everyone the same shot at success, if they choose to take action.

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  1. PM Sat. 151114
    1. I see that Instant PayDay Network is now ‘International’
    2. South Africa appears in the list of countries ‘Posted and Tagged’ by
    IPDN that I can earn money with via IPDN.
    3. I am a South African living in S. Africa.
    4. If I sign up to join IPDN from S. Africa, and I make referrals, am I paid
    in USA$, much prefered, or am I paid In ZAR ( South African Rands)?
    5. I have a Paypal account , so I assume any money I make can be paid into my Paypal account.
    6. Could it also be paid into my South African bank account?
    Any relevant advice/info ref the above queries would be gratefully received.
    Go Well,

    1. No, unfortunately Ghana is not in the list of countries that PayPal supports. This is not a limitation of Instant Payday Network, but a limitation of PayPal. Perhaps you could send an email to PayPal support and ask if they’d be willing to add Ghana to their supported countries?

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