Instant Payday Network Just Gave Us A Raise!!

Awesome News From Instant Payday Network!

30 Percent Pay Raise

Instant Payday Network just announced a few days ago that the advertisers that pay us are now giving us bonuses in 2015!  We used to get paid $50 per person that signed up through an agent of Instant Payday Network; but now, that has changed!

Agents of Instant Payday Network have gotten a 30% pay increase!

Some people may say that 30% isn’t much… but think of it this way:  If an agent of Instant Payday Network usually gets even just 10 people signed up and completed, that’s 10 x $50 = $500.00.  That’s pretty good, getting $500 per month with such a simple free system, isn’t it?  But now consider this:  Now that we are getting this 30% pay increase, that works out to $65 per person.  Instead of $500.00 a month, that Instant Payday Network agent is now earning $650.00 for those 10 referrals.  THAT’S AN EXTRA $150.00 FOR THE EXACT SAME WORK!!

What are you waiting for?  It’s FREE to do.  What’s stopping you from becoming an independent agent in Instant Payday Network?

I don’t know about you, but I really enjoy working online.  I have seven boys and three girls, and I’m a stay at home dad.  I haven’t even promoted my business of Instant Payday Network in over six months, and STILL average between $300-$800 monthly!  Do you have a couple hours a day, 3-5 days a week to invest in yourself and your lifestyle?  What kind of pressure would an extra thousand dollars a month alleviate?  How much happier would your family be if you didn’t have to work as much?

I STRONGLY encourage you get started as a referral agent with Instant Payday Network TODAY!!  There’s never been a better time than RIGHT NOW to get started in Instant Payday network, and…

STOP making a living, and start making a LIFE with Instant Payday Network!

Join Instant Payday Network with #TR-TeamRhino!


  1. Hello Daniel, Just read your video again – and I like what I hear from you,
    I signed up with INSTANT PAYDAY NETWORK A WEEK AGO . . . I finished my STEP 1 & 2 . . . I was told to go to Step 3 and watch all the ‘training videos’. My question – is it not kosher to ask someone like you, who is not my mentor, to ask for help in ‘what should I do next?
    Keep in mind that I am a senior looking for extra money – maybe $300-500/week would be FANTASTIC. I am definitely a NEWBIE AND NOT COMPUTER SAVVY.. . . can I do this IPDN? I just need someone who is willing to show me what to do – after I know what steps to take, then I will be able to handle it from there. Do not want to be a burden to you.
    Thanks, Butch from Duluth, Minnesota

    1. Hi Butch! Yes, people tell you to do Step 3 because that’s the free marketing system that ties everything together and automates the whole thing. Also, the Facebook group is where all our basic training is. :o) Everyone has the same roadblocks when they start, and the first three sections of the training get you through all that. We did that so we don’t have to explain the same thing ten times every day to ten different people. *LOL* But yes, you can do IPDN!! I’m a stay at home dad of ten, and if I can do it, anybody can! And no you won’t be a burden, just remember to do the basic training first to get all set up.

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