Why I’m leaving Instant Payday Network and switching to Automated Wealth Network


If you’re like most people, you probably just closed that video that popped up without listening to it…but the information it contains is VERY important!

I’ve been using Instant Payday Network for over two years now, and I have to say, it’s been an AWESOME program, and I owe everything to it. It’s where I began learning how to make money online and build a lasting, sustainable, RESIDUAL income from wherever I want to work, and it’s enabled me to be a stay at home dad (We have seven boys and three girls), not worry about bills, and not even have to worry when unexpected things happen (like that hospital stay after an emergency surgery…I made that popup video right there in the hospital!).

HOWEVER… I have found something that works even better. In fact, it works SO much better, that I’m actually leaving Instant Payday Network and permanently switching over to Automated Wealth Network, for several reasons.

What makes Automated Wealth Network so much better than Instant Payday Network?

Automated Wealth Network is very similar to Instant Payday Network in that the front-end program is what we call “incentive marketing”. This term simply describes the business model used on that front-end. The back-end program, however, is different, and not only gives you the “dream marketer’s toolkit” to promote Automated Wealth Network or any other business, product, or event, but it Automated Wealth Network also gives you the ability to earn awesome RESIDUAL (month after month) income as well!  It does include everthing Instant Payday Network offered, but Automated Wealth Network is not only constantly updated, but includes an enormous amount of free training. So much, in fact, that it’s an incredible fit both for complete newbies AND seasoned marketers like myself. While the owners and founders, Tim Chesonis and Michael Cocan, give all this advanced training away for free, they could EASILY charge several thousand dollars for the knowledge they share. However, their entire purpose is to help other people succeed. And THAT’S the main reason I have switched; not only because Automated Wealth Network is more updated and full of training that anyone can learn, but because I share the same beliefs as Tim and Mike: That EVERYBODY deserves freedom!

What Automated Wealth Network Includes:

  • The Automated Wealth Network Business Platform ($597 Value)
    This “Done-For-You”, money-generating platform will be instantly set up and READY TO USE once you fill out the form and create your account.
  • Automated Wealth Network provides over 35 Training Video Tutorials ($397 Value) With over 10 hours of Value-Packed instructional videos. You’ll learn how to take your business from “Start” to 6-figure income. Your path to success is thoroughly laid out inside so that ANYBODY can succeed with this program.
  • Automated Wealth Network’s Entrepreneur’s Community and Leadership Masterminds ($297 Value). With This Community, you can Connect, Network, Meet, and find the right mentorship in this awesome community of leaders. You’ll get live, “over-the-shoulder” training from other members of Automated Wealth Network, guiding you in exactly how to build your income from absolutely nothing.
  • Access to Automated Wealth Network’s Custom Sales Funnel Builder (Priceless!).  You’ll have the ability to use Automated Wealth Network to promote literally ANY business you want to online… and you can literally add an unlimited number of businesses to promote! You can be in ANY opportunity, ANY business, and pre-qualify your prospects!

Using Automated Wealth Network means that you won’t be making a living.

It means you’ll FINALLY be making a LIFE instead!

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  1. Honestly, still very skeptical about anything online stating that you can make money from home. Have not found 1 site or instance where you can actually make money to the point that you can quit your day job and work 8 hours from home. I don’t believe it exist, but as so many, am willing to listen and put in even more work than most, if I knew I could actually make money from home. If not more than what I make now, than at least the same, but I just don’t believe it’s true, otherwise every hard working American would be doing it and not be slaving in the heat or elements of mother nature, as I have to do. Now don’t get confused, what you read is not an attitude, it is more so just a pessimistic way of thinking. But of course, any information would be appreciated, thank you!

    1. Hi Scott! As you might have guessed, I’ve been on vacation. :o) But yes, I used Instant Payday Network for about two years before switching to AWN. Yes, Instant Payday Network was awesome, and that’s where I got my start, it’s just that AWN worked so much better for me, I concentrated on it instead. :o)

  2. I see the prices of each category offered like the platform, tutorials and community. I do not see a total cost (if any) for this program and further, how if someone is broke but wants to work can take advantage of something like this…..

    1. Automated Wealth Network is definitely free. Zero cost. :o) The front-end program is also free or very inexpensive, dependent upon where you live and the options you choose. The back-end program is a paid program, but it’s totally optional. I seriously recommend it, however, because the value you get with it is outstanding. For all the tools they give you (to promote as many businesses as you want, individually and simultaneously), and the monthly fee, it’s so much better and cheaper than any comparable toolkit out there. Making residual income on top of that is just icing on the cake. 😀 If you have any questions, feel free to comment some more, or you can email me as well. My information is on the contact page. :o)

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